Stumps. Trees that provide a commons.

The first: a popular piece of public art in the Dunedin Botanical Gardens. Children and their families play on Peter Pan and Wendy.

Not quite like the false 60s harmony of the above image – its a bit more multicultural and sometimes play is mediated by iphone photographs – but it is still well loved, communally.

The second: I flat in a 1910 villa on Buccleugh St which overlooks the Botanical Gardens; from the kitchen I can see proud Peter Pan being climbed all over.

The properties Auckland-based landlords cut down all of the established trees. The wood lay on our banks like thickly cut home-made bread across a table.

Such an offering drew neighbors with wheel-boroughs and bags, coming to collect slices of fire wood in the long evening sun. We exchanged names and house numbers and generally befriended one another.