‘Christianity is a western construct’

It was a brown man who when I told him I had no religion he offered me his.

It was a brown woman who read aloud to me from Leviticus.

It was a brown mother who told me that if I wanted to rest my head in her house, I’d better be coming to church.

It was a brown daughter who showed me how to give thanks before the meal.

It was a brown congregation who taught me my first impossible hymns.

It was brown preacher who interrupted the vernacular service to give me a summary in English.

It was a brown father who looked up from his personal bible study and told me to forget about the gossipy church.

It was a brown friend who took my hands in his and prayed with me my first prayer.

(And as it was an Arab man who the Roman empire strung up upon a cross) It was a a brown man to whom I addressed that first prayer.


Yet, it was a white man who sat across from me in the lecture theater and said, “Your Christianity is a Western construct.”


The photo accompanying this post is of a mural, depicting a black Christ, inside Naiserelagi Church – not far from where I lived in Fiji during 2012. 




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